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Build your
internal CRUD tools
with a Notion-like UI

Developer or not, you can easily create internal tools. No SQL. No JavaScript. No IT request.

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Because developers hate building admin panels.

Internal tools are such a hassle to build. Creating components from scratch, writing queries, and connecting them together. And internal tools are not the customer-facing product. So they never get prioritized. Some day, they say.

From our conversations with 100+ developers (and counting):

“We built our dashboard with Vue but it takes so much time. Creating dashboards is not our core business. It is a waste of time.”

“I want to stop building dashboards and start building features.”

“Spending time on admin and internal tools is not productive. I want to find tools with more ROI.”

Like Retool.
But simpler and more secure.

No code

Notion-like UI

Build multi-page CRUD dashboards without writing any SQL or JavaScript. Just type '/' to add text, connect tables, and insert input blocks.

Notion UI

All in one

Not just tables

Filters. Sorts. Hidden columns. Adjustable column widths. Click into a row and get a detailed view. Automagically.


Granular access for data sources

Set read/write access on your data sources, down to column-level controls. Then use them safely in your dashboards.

Data access

The friendly, intuitive interface.
For every use case.

User admin dashboard

Find your users, see their profile, and edit their information.

User admin dashboard
Inventory management

Inventory management

Add, monitor, and update your inventory in a single place.

Custom CRM tool

Store your clients' contacts and manage your projects.

Customer relationship manager

We hate building internal tools from scratch too.

Swee Kiat

Lim Swee Kiat

Ex-Google and Stanford alum. SK also worked full-stack and ML at several startups across various stages from seed to acquisition. Gave birth to, and lucent for PyTorch.


Alfred Lua

Alfred is part of the team who grew Buffer from $5m ARR to $20+ m ARR and went on to lead marketing at ReferralCandy. He has worked closely with PMs, designers, and engineers and have built multiple apps himself.

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