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Don't waste time figuring out SaaS starter kits and templates. Create instant dashboards with Dashibase. Plug-and-play with Supabase authentication and databases, plus we're open-source!

3 steps to your app dashboard

Step 1


Connect to your Supabase project

Step 2


Select tables and columns to show in your dashboard

Step 3


Send your dashboard to your users!

Build faster and focus on your products

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Save dozens of engineering hours

User authentication UIs

Never code another authentication UI again.
pages are built right into Dashibase.

See sample sign-in page

Create, read, update, delete

CRUD functions are provided right out of the box.
Just decide which attributes are required.

See an example

Fully Responsive

Runs beautifully on desktop, tablet, mobile.

There can be so much more!

We would love to get more validation before we develop more features.
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User impersonation with role-based controls

Simplify debugging with built-in user impersonation features. Comes with read-only / read-write modes.

Logging, metrics, and analytics

Understand how your users are using your app dashboard and your service. Track frequency of login, inputs, views, loading times and more.

Customized themes and branding

Support logos, favicons, colors and other CSS attributes for your customized dashboard.

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  • User authentication UI
  • Data views
  • CRUD functionality
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