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Dashibase May 2022 Updates

Alfred Lua

Alfred Lua


Dashibase May 2022 Updates

We started Dashibase just six weeks ago.

May is our first full month working on Dashibase. We shipped several upgrades that will help you create modern dashboards much faster and more easily.

Here are the top three highlights:

1. Dashboard UI upgrade

New dashboard UI

The dashboards you build with Dashibase will have a more modern UI. We consulted several UIUX and product designer friends and pored over numerous articles to improve the look and feel of dashboards created with Dashibase. This included small (yet big) details:

  • What is a good way to present data on cards?
  • What should the hover effect on different elements be?
  • What shades and contrasts are good for dark mode?

Did you know pure black looks jarring because nothing, in reality, is pure black?

2. Revamped Dashibase experience

New Dashibase app

The old Dashibase app was an MVP we coded up in four days. We just wanted to put something usable out there and are grateful for your uptake. The new UI makes it easier and faster to build and edit your dashboards.

A few highlights:

  • No need to manually type your Supabase tables and column IDs (and can avoid typos). Dashibase will fetch them for you, and you can select them via a dropdown.
  • You can edit your attributes on the attributes table directly, saving you extra clicks.
  • An in-page resizable preview while you are editing your app.
  • Once you are familiar with Dashibase and want to go even faster, you can edit your apps by directly updating the underlying JSON.

We’re always collecting feature requests and suggestions. Let us know!

3. Shiny new website

New website

In line with our product update, we have also updated our website.

We value craftsmanship a lot and look up to companies like Linear, The Browser Company, Superhuman, and Stripe. Besides making a great product, we also push ourselves to ship great-looking websites.

We added a demo on our homepage so that visitors can get to experience Dashibase immediately. The copy on the website is inspired by conversations with our early users.

This is just a summary of the major updates. We also shipped many smaller improvements. Check them out on our changelog.

Other fun news

  • We got rejected by YC after our interview. Here’s our story.
  • Our open-source Github repo has 152 stars now. Help us spread the word?
  • We were featured in the Supabase monthly newsletter! The Supabase team and community have been supa-supportive and awesome.

Featured in Supabase newsletter

Join us

Also, we are always interested in talking to developers who might want to use Dashibase to build their dashboards. If that’s you, drop us an email at sk@dashibase.com. Let’s chat.

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