Completed features, works-in-progress, and upcoming improvements.

For the latest updates and more details, visit our changelog or Twitter. And let us know your feature requests!

Database integrations
Currently supports Supabase and Postgres
Data access control
Restrict read-write access of your database before using it to create dashboards
Multi-page dashboards
Create modern CRUD dashboards without writing any code
Notion-like UI
Create headings, quotes, dividers, tables, and inputs
Fully-featured tables
Beautifully-designed tables with join, filter, sort, and pagination
Single-item view
Automatically-generated page for every row of your table, with support for file upload, required/read-only fields, and join tables
Designated input UIs for different attributes
Currently supports text, long text, date, time, boolean, and file upload (via Supabase Storage)
Preview mode
A separate mode from the Edit mode for using your dashboards
User management and access
Add members to your organization and share use or edit access to your dashboards
Free tools for Supabase users
Share your Supabase data or let your team easily add to your Supabase
In progress
Ready by end of the month
Initial exploration of custom blocks
Allow developers to add their own code to their dashboards (Email us to register your interest and help shape the feature)
To be developed
Next month onwards
Table improvements
Search box, nth-degree joins, updating joined inputs via dropdown
More components
Charts, stats, multi-column layout, formula, etc.
More data sources
More databases and maybe even Sheets, Stripe, HubSpot, etc.
Automation and workflow
Schedule or run custom actions, such as sending messages and downloading files
Integrations marketplace
For developers to contribute extensions for the community

Easy to build.
Easier to maintain.

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