Completed features, works-in-progress, and upcoming improvements.

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Supabase integration
Native Supabase database and auth APIs, not via Postgres
Authentication UIs
Supabase-integrated login and signup pages
CRUD operations
Supabase-integrated CRUD UIs
Multiples data views
Currently supporting Single, List, and Card views
Designated input UIs for different attributes
Currently supporting text, long text (textarea), single select (dropdown), date, and boolean (true/false)
Filter and sort
Out-of-box filter and sort functionality for List and Card views for end users
JSON editor (alpha)
Allow dashboard owners to create and edit dashboards with JSON-based configs
In progress
Ready by end of June
Table joins
Full CRUD support for joined data
Action buttons for Supabase RPC calls and other custom endpoints
Basic branding
Custom logos, favicons, and accent colors
To be developed
Next month onwards
User management and roles
End users with different roles will have different data access and permissions
Further Supabase integration
Edge functions and file storage
Additional attributes
Images, links, JSON
Additional views
Charts, Kanban board, and calendar
Built-in analytics for understanding dashboard usage
User impersonation
Allow dashboard owners to easily debug account issues

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