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Dashibase August 2022 Updates

Alfred Lua

Alfred Lua


Dashibase August 2022 Updates

I’m writing this blog post in my study room, feeling full of gratitude to the community around Dashibase. Starting a startup is never easy. But all your support has made it easier—and fun! This is only our fourth monthly update, and yet so much has happened in the last four months.

More than 1,000 people have signed up to try Dashibase. And our Discord now has more than 100 members. More importantly, a small group of you all have been actively testing Dashibase, reporting bugs, and helping us improve it. Even as we pivoted to internal tools and made huge changes, you all are still here helping us. On behalf of the team, thank you!

August was a fun month for us on many fronts: website, product, and team. Let’s dive into each of them:

1. A new focus on internal tools

New dashibase.com

In July, we chatted with many people on our waitlist and learned about their problems. Internal tools are still such a pain to build and maintain! We iterated on our vision and decided to narrow our focus from a generic app builder to an internal tools builder.

In August, we built a new beta with many upgrades, such as granular data access control, a Notion-like builder, and user permissions. Along with that, we also updated our website to reflect all these changes.

As a company that values craftsmanship, we pushed ourselves to create a website that would wow people. What’s the fun of building another boring website? Our new website has an interactive demo, quotes from our user chats, use cases to inspire you, and more.

Check it out at dashibase.com, and let us know what you think!

2. Dashibase beta private launch

Beta private launch graphic

In the middle of August, we had a private launch of our beta with our Discord community and close friends. With the new Dashibase, you can:

  • Connect multiple Supabase and Postgres databases and set granular read and write access
  • Build multi-page CRUD dashboards with a Notion-like interface
  • Add teammates to your organization and share access to your dashboards

Several kind folks in our community have been helping to test it and report any issues. With their help, we have been able to improve the product further:

We will be opening up access to more people soon. Keep an eye out for it!

Oh, we also updated our roadmap for the months ahead if you are curious about what’s coming.

3. Welcome Deb and David

Dashibase's team of four

SK and I have been able to move fast and build things. But we know we are not just building a product. We are building a company. There’s a limit to what just the two of us can do. So we are thrilled to welcome Deb and David on board.

Deb is a serial side-project builder, and David is the top contributor to our open-source repo, Lotion. They are both part-time engineers, working mostly on our frontend but also everything across the company.

Let’s build!

Other fun news

Supabase Launch Week 5 Community Day

  • I had the chance to present Dashibase at Supabase’s Launch Week 5.
  • ViteConf is happening on October 11 and 12. We are glad to be a Community Partner. We have been building our website, tools, and product with Vite!
  • SK and I applied to YC again. This time around, we have a clearer idea and better metrics and progress to share. Let's see how this goes.
  • Finally, we released our Lotion npm library. If you want to have a Notion-like editor in your app, give it a try. Also, we will appreciate any contributions.

Be part of the community

We are always interested in learning from developers and PMs who are building internal tools. If you are up for chatting, ping me on Discord or send me an email at alfred@dashibase.com. Thanks!

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