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Dashibase July 2022 Updates

Alfred Lua

Alfred Lua


Dashibase July 2022 Updates

Hi hi!

This updates post is a week late this month because we have been heads down working on some exciting updates!

Let's cut to the chase.

1. Dashibase Beta

Dashibase Beta

For the past few weeks, we took the learnings from our conversations with 50+ signups to rethink and then rebuild Dashibase. We are close to releasing a new version of Dashibase, which has many of the requested features so far.

With the new Dashibase, you can:

  1. Connect multiple Supabase and Postgres databases and set granular read and write access
  2. Build multi-page CRUD dashboards through a Notion-like interface
  3. Add teammates to your organization and share use or edit access to your dashboards

This week, several helpful community members have been testing it and sharing feedback. We will be resuming our onboarding calls soon and are excited to let you all try the beta.

Do sign up for our waitlist if you have not!

2. Lotion explosion


Keeping to our open source philosophy, we open-sourced our Notion-like interface. It's appropriately named Lotion. :)

After presenting Lotion at CityJS Singapore Conference, it blew up. It was on GitHub Trending for a few days and has more than 2,100 stars now!

More importantly, several contributors (vvidday, ivteplo, holazz, PJerkovic, exposir, KKKZ0Z, and lyqht) have voluntarily fixed bugs and improved the repo. The community continues to amaze us. Thank you.

We will be releasing this as a npm library soon.

3. Supporting the developer community

Presenting Lotion at CityJS Conference
Spot our logo among the big players!

We had the opportunity to support the CityJS Singapore Conference, and we jumped at it. We bought pizzas and drinks for the pre-conference meetup.

While it was cool to see our logo among the big players in the space, what we appreciated the most was being part of the community. We made many new friends, got to hang out together for a few days, and obsessed over our passions (e.g. making music with JavaScript, mechanical keyboards, and more.)

We are always happy to chat technical topics and share our startup experience. If there's somewhere we should speak at, let us know.

Other fun news

Supabase Launch Week 5

  • We will be presenting at Supabase Launch Week 5 next week. If you have not gotten a ticket, grab one soon and you might win a limited edition Supabase goodie bag! We will be sharing a demo of the new Dashibase.
  • We have moved to Discord! I made a meme but I don't think anyone found it funny. Help me by sharing your favorite memes in #meme.
  • We released two free tools for Supabase users: Dashibase Insert and Dashibase View. If you want to let your teammates add data to your Supabase or share your Supabase data in beautiful tables, you might like our tools.
  • We are still looking for builders to join us! We are also open to internships, so feel free to reach out.

Be part of the community

We are always interested in talking to developers and PMs who are building internal CRUD dashboards. If you are up for chatting, ping me on Discord or send me an email at alfred@dashibase.com. Thanks!

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